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A word or two should be said on character and equipment appearances.  The Daylight Empire is a low-magic setting, so unusual colors and appearances are chosen by the DMs and ECs to signify a particularly special thing.  For this reason, we ask that you keep all appearances mundane.  PCs should be created within the coloring specifications for their race.  If you are not playing one of the server-specific subraces, you must stick to the coloring found in real-life humans.  Please do not choose a head that has horns, rabbit ears, or other extras that do not fit the setting.  When crafting, please avoid glowing appearances.  Some of these may be used for special items, but player-crafted items must look mundane.

Disguises must cover the entire face (or be a disguise item) to keep other characters from recognizing you (and that may or may not work, depending on the context).  Hoods clearly show a character’s face, and should not be assumed to protect an identity.  Please refrain from choosing a character head that obscures all or part of your character's face.
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